What's Happening

no depression feature!

No Depression magazine was kind enough to feature The Waybacks as we interpreted the music of Bruce Springsteen at Merlefest 2015! Here's a pre-show interview, a review of the concert, and some great photos of us with Joan Osborne, Sam Bush, more...

instructional DVD!

My Homespun instructional DVD, "Making The Acoustic Guitar Rock," is available! This thing was a blast to make, and I'm hoping it might inspire a few guitar players out there! More info...

guitar player reviews

For fellow guitar geeks, I'm working on a new gear page to detail the equipment I use on stage and in the studio. In the meantime, here are some vids I've done for Guitar Player: G&L Korina ASATs, Fender new vs. vintage Tele shootout, Line 6 HD500 and DT50.

Down the Abbey Road with the Philadelphia Orchestra

Huge thanks to Joan Osborne, Rodney Crowell, Stuart Duncan, Scott Amendola, Byron House, Maestro Lucas Richman, and the Philadelphia Orchestra for an amazing performance of the Beatles' "Abbey Road" on June 30th at the Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA!